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Being beautifully dressed is an accessible art form. Beyond self-expression, stylish and appropriate dressing gives pleasure and confidence, improving every day’s experience.


Radiant energy provided by CD in Iris Setlakwe's sunny suit!
MSP and furry slippers a natural pairing for indoor/outdoor work.
Freed of the need to decide about shoes, KB wins zoom raves in Heyne Bogut.
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There is always something happening...


From March 26th through ? we’re shifting to Minimum Basic Operations as required by DC law.  We took yesterday to prepare ways to stay in touch despite closed doors. We hope you’ll enjoy upcoming Looks, Videos and our first Virtual Trunk Show.  

As the pj’s and workout clothes lose their 24/7 appeal, we’re at the other end of Facetime and What's App to help navigate the way out of the legging and sweatshirt maze. It would be a pleasure to take you on a browse through the store or to set up a rack as if it were a dressing room and show you Shut Down Couture options.


Delivery service will allow at home comfort and style comparisons, and many of our brands are ready for the shutdown showdown.

Please reach out via phone or text- 202 785 1975 or email any of us at your convenience.

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