The Art of Dressing Well

Since 1988

Being beautifully dressed is an accessible art form. Beyond self-expression, stylish and appropriate dressing gives pleasure and confidence, improving every day’s experience.



There is always something happening...

Officially OPEN

Storewide mosh? Soon!


Let’s work our way there cautiously, with sensible measures that include masks for all, hand washing and sanitizes, dressing room wipe downs after each use, and plenty of social distancing in our 2000 sq foot space.


Browse new merchandise and deeply discounted spring at your leisure, and consider bringing a friend or two. Call or email to schedule time to ensure that no more than four clients are in the store simultaneously. It’s fine to come to the door, but if we have four clients at that moment, we’ll ask that you please come back!


With your closet thoroughly pruned and inventoried, book time with Melissa or Kristin to ensure that new pieces work with favorites and match current needs.


Welcome back! We can’t wait to see you and hear how you’ve weathered the shutdown.


1224 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington DC 20036 | 202.785.1975

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