Our broad selection of European, Canadian and American designers allows us to create unique and versatile looks for work, weekends and travel.

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Tut Tut

It’s disconcerting to discover that your rain gear dates back to the days of Christopher Robin and Pooh. If you’re ready for an infusion of Italian style, consider Rino & Pelle options. Touches of color and details suggest these coats will also last decades!

  • Rino & Pelle trench coats

  • Judith & Charles trousers

  • Petit Pois shirt

  • Commando tank

  • Ilse Jacobsen Tulips

  • Ron White Dory







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Blustery Days

For those welcome expeditions around the neighborhood, we have our ways of helping you show the world that style has not Shutdown. Slip one of these featherweight scuba coats over your “slouchy” jeans and turn your neighbors’ heads.

  • Rina & Pelle coat (on sale)

  • Lanificio Arca scarf (on sale)

  • Rino & Pelle coat (on sale)

  • Rino & Pelle turtleneck

  • Commando tank

  • Cambio trouser

  • Ron White pump








rinopellestillframe-8vmailchimp and webs

With pockets big enough for masks, thermometer, gloves, and groceries, Rino & Pelle’s faux suede coat eliminates the need for totes and packs.

  • Rino & Pelle coat (on sale)

  • Suzi Roher scarf

  • Cambio trousers

  • Ron White pump





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Coping Styles

Through the weeks, my personal coping mechanism seesaws, from skipping meals to bingeing on the Lindt truffles at our front desk. Luckily, we have wardrobes for both styles and everything in between!

  • Manoush dress

  • K & S slingbacks

  • Marie Saint Pierre dress




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A Box, A Box!

Our UPS guy has lost muscle tone. Instead of the deluge of April merchandise, he brings the occasional sad, flat box. One of those boxes, however, was a sleeper: it contained our Samantha Sung summer skirts!  These are stock, but I suspect Samantha would be willing to make one for you if we don’t have your size. 

  • Houndstooth skirt

  • Floral belted skirt

  • Max Mara Weekend tanks

  • Julie Vos necklace

  • Allen K sneakers







Practice what to wear for the Great Reemergence in Shan versatile and interchangeable separates. Whether you opt for scuba, jersey, or a mix, the leggings, trousers, and tunics offer the same easy care and comfort as your shutdown favorites, but add the polish you’ll appreciate as your world enlarges. Sizes 2 - 12.

  • Shan tunic

  • Shan leggings

  • Shan tunic

  • Shan trousers

  • Paloma Barcelo espadrilles

  • K & S slingbacks

  • Marc Cain flats

  • Pono necklace









Hilton Hollis Posterv3.jpg
April Tidings

By BF tradition, April includes a visit from Hilton Hollis, the magician who incarnates Spring in textiles and clothing. Enjoy a quick view of three of this season’s elegant, strong and feminine dresses, and plan on wearing one to our optimistically rescheduled May 21 - 23 Trunk Show.

  • Jersey petal print dress

  • Coclico heeled loafer

  • Cotton-poly neck dress

  • Pono resin necklace

  • Kennel & Schmenger sandal

  • Cotton print dress

  • Sibilia earrings

  • Pas de Rouge pumps










Outdressing has acquired a second meaning. The first, to dress more stylishly than someone else, still applies, but now it also means to dress as if you were actually going to go outside. Venture to the porch, balcony or stoop in Luisa Cerano denim, Marc Cain blouse, and washable suede jacket.  Your Kennel & Schmenger heels let the neighbors know who won

  • Luisa Cerano jean

  • Marc Cain top

  • Marc Cain jacket

  • Kennel & Schmenger sling-backs





Do Wear This at Home

Now that you’ve had your first cup of coffee and notice that it’s a gorgeous afternoon, get dressed!  Start with last year’s classic Iris top, and add trend-resistant Marie Saint Pierre jacket and pants. With chic and speedy sneaks by Kennel & Schmenger, you’ll get 8 hours of work done in 4!

Please share your photos of Shutdown Couture!

  • Marie Saint Pierre jacket

  • Marie Saint Pierre trouser

  • Kennel & Schmenger sneak




Awkward Video No. 1

We made this one (and two others) in the PreCOVID Era. Please ignore extolling the ease of travel and cheering from your kids’ sidelines. Instead, substitute: “Delightful to wear at home, day after day!”

Please do send your Shut Down Couture photo! 

  • Max Mara Leisure jacket

  • Max Mara Leisure pants

  • Lola & Sophie tank

  • Marc Cain mesh sneakers





Zoom Life

You suspect that most people on the morning call are wearing jammy bottoms and still need to brush their teeth. Not only is your work product stellar, but your look is also comparatively couture.

Please share your Shutdown Couture Looks by text (202.785.1975) or email (click on the button below).

  • Rino & Pelle jacket

  • Cambio trousers

  • Marc Cain blouse

  • Marc Cain flat





Making Lemonade

This rainy March Saturday frees you up: no pollen sneezles, car washing, or temptation to gather 100 of your closest friends around the grill.  Appreciate with a solo stroll in waterproof Ilse Jacobsen tulips and Rino & Pelle’s lightly-lined raincoat. Enjoy Samantha Sung secret garden pullover, and look to sunny days ahead in white Cambio jeans.

Happy to discuss options and variations via Facetime or What’s App - call or text 202 785 1975. Delivery available!

  • Rino & Pelle raincoat

  • Ilse Jacobsen flat

  • Cambio denim

  • Samantha Sung pullover 





Minimum Basic Operations

From March 26th - April 24th, we’re shifting to Minimum Basic Operations as required by DC law.  We took yesterday to prepare ways to stay in touch despite closed doors. We hope you’ll enjoy upcoming Looks, Videos, and our first Virtual Trunk Show.  

As the pj’s and workout clothes lose their 24/7 appeal, we’re at the other end of Facetime and What’s App to help navigate the way out of the legging and sweatshirt maze. Delivery service will allow at-home comfort and style comparisons, and many of our brands are ready for the shutdown showdown.

Please reach out via phone or text -  202 785 1975 - or email any of us at your convenience: 

Betsy betsy@betsyfisher.com, Emilie, emilie@betsyfisher.com, Melissa, melissa@betsyfisher.com Jamie, jamie@betsyfisher.com and Suzanne, suzanne@betsyfsher.com

Until the 24th - virtual hugs and telekisses!

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The Alt Suit

An unexpected combination of knit dress and a cotton ribbed jacket functions as a casual and polished suit alternative. 

Click here to watch 45-second video.

  • Marc Cain dress

  • Marc Cain sweater

  • French Sole pumps




The Cure for Mondays

Make sure your look is as bold and flavorful as your coffee. Marc Cain stretch suiting and an Iris indispensable tank keep pace with your caffeinated self, and Pomme D'or pumps ensure you hit the ground running -  all the way to Tuesday.

  • Marc Cain jacket

  • Marc Cain pants

  • Iris classic tank

  • Pomme D’Or heels





Inner Fashionista

She’s there, impatiently prodding you to choose a dress for a breakout moment. Full skirted, soft on the skin, and properly split front and back, Marc Cain chevron dress pairs with Homers boots and a buttery leather wrap from yesteryear for posing and prancing. Satisfied, you and your inner fashionista head to work.

  • Marc Cain dress

  • Homers Brown boots

  • Back of the closet belt!




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