A full roster of trunk shows and designer personal appearances expands your access to fabulous items.

U Dot Trunk Show

Your feet have earned these loafers. Made in the renowned Japanese shoemaking town, Akusaka, by designer Takumi Inomata, the soft leathers hold your foot comfortably and the natural rubber sole absorbs impact. 

Beyond the loafer, U Dot creates mules and lace-ups.  Candy Herrington will be in-store to help you find the right style and size, and we’ll all chime in with opinions about color and finish. 

Each shoe is made one at a time in Japan, and it takes roughly three months from the day the order is placed to the day the shoe arrives in store. 

  • Friday, March 13th

  • Saturday, March 14th

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U Dot Trunk Show

Your feet have earned these loafers. Made in the renowned Japanese shoemaking city of Asakusa by designer Takumi Inomata, the soft leather holds your foot comfortably as the natural rubber sole absorbs impact. Each shoe is made one at a time, and it takes roughly three months from the day the order is placed for your unique pair to arrive. 


Beyond the loafer, U Dot creates mules and lace-ups. Candy Herrington will be in-store to help you find the right style and size, and we’ll all chime in with opinions about color and finish!

  • Friday, March 13th

  • Saturday, March 14th

Heyne Bogut

As soon as Paul and Karen catch their breath after presenting F/W 2020 to eager independent store buyers in NYC, they hit the road for one of their favorite weekends and ours: the Heyne Bogut Trunk Show. 

Join us Friday afternoon for a later lunch and stay through cocktails to meet or catch up with our Philadelphia based artist friends. Every visit features surprise fabrics, new prints, and the stories of their inspiration. 

Work with Karen and Paul to choose the color, shape, and fabric of your unique piece. Each dress, top, and jacket is cut, sewn, dyed and printed  - one at a time - in the Heyne Bogut studio.

These clothes are special, reflecting the enormous talent, creativity and passion to infuse every day living with art and artisanship. 

Sizes 0 - 5 (roughly xs - xxl), some customization available. Prices $135 to $450.

  • Friday, February 21st

  • Saturday, February 22nd

Ally Pumps

Samantha Dong, heeler extraordinaire, joins us for a day of fitting Ally pumps to each of your cranky feet. 

Several clients tried Ally pumps in 2019, and the feedback has been positive from women who swore they’d never wear heels again and from those who had crushing long days that required polished presence and significant walking. 

Samantha worked with a podiatrist and a talented tech/comfort shoe designer to create flexible pumps that support the arch of your foot and properly cushion the balls of your feet and toes. Your feet fit securely, avoiding the painful forward slide because you are able to order the correct size and width for each foot. 

Choose your own color and material, and heal those heels!

  • Friday, January 24th

Pure Amici

Inspiration and motivation arrive in cashmere and ponte incarnations. 

Pure Amici cashmere blends practicality and innovation, allowing you to substitute a poncho or wrap for a jacket, and a long zip-front fitted sweater for a dress. Textures and colors vary from bold bright waffle knits in magenta, yellow, and turquoise to richly flecked burgundy, blues, grey, and white.

Pure Amici ponte items stand-alone or mix and match for sharp work and travel wear. Solid black boot cut and slim trousers and Fall/Winter prints in toned down snake and cheetah provide a base for mixing and matching ponte jackets, cashmere, and favorites from your closet. 

  • Tuesday, Dec. 10

  • Wednesday, Dec. 11

Hilton Hollis

Hilton Hollis’s Fall Personal Appearance vies with Thanksgiving as the most important Fall holiday, especially when it happens on another one, Halloween. Substitute your BF Family for any annoying relatives, and enjoy Hilton’s October 31st and November 1 visit.

Hilton designs each piece with a contemporary sensibility and classic fit. In his choice of fabrics and architectural construction, Hilton differentiates his collection aesthetically.  In his consideration of practicality and value, he provides long-wearing staples and stand-outs that distinguish your wardrobe.

Join us and choose the pieces from Fall 19 available stock and order from Spring 20 samples.

Best costumes on Thursday win $200 store credits, and we hope you’ll stay for spooky cocktails!

  • Halloween 12 - 7

  • Nov 1   11 - 6


Since 1981, the Vanuzzu family has been designing and manufacturing luxury outerwear in Dolo, Italy, an area historically known for skilled leather craftsmanship. “We want to give a modern style to garments born as classics,” says Alfo Vanuzzo, and to that end, Suprema melds tradition, technical expertise, superb detailing, and ethical sourcing to create garments for the 21st century wearer.


Light-weight, reversible shearlings form the core of the collection, and both the modern silhouettes and the unexpected uses of color and texture distinguish Suprema shearlings. The team works as creatively with cashmere and furs, manufacturing vests, wraps and coats that are both visually arresting and practical.


This season, our small collection of Suprema coats shows their range: from felted wool wrap coats for Fall days, to a mink paneled reversible cashmere coat and clean simple shearlings in rich shades of grey and green. Drop in to see more and order a favorite with Camila, our Suprema rep. 

  • Preview Thursday evening 5:30 - 7

  • Trunk Show Friday 10 - 6

MSP Spring 2020

Our trunk show with Marie Saint Pierre is the Fashion Tailgate of the season!  Like any good tailgate, it features excess: a tempting array of choices that range from the irresistibly functional to the arrestingly dramatic.


Marie Saint Pierre’s beautiful clothes address your needs for daily office wear, travel, weekends, and evening. Each collection, from Classics to Atelier, combines exclusive fabrics with unexpected form and detail. MSP signature shapes contribute to your signature style. 


Like any good tailgate, you’re welcome to come early and stay late; appointments, however, are preferred!  The Collections will be in place Wednesday afternoon, so please contact us for your time with Jane for a personal presentation of SP 20 and her expert assistance selecting F19 pieces. 

  • Lunch Thursday, October 3

  • Cocktails Friday, October 4

  • Brunch Saturday, October 5

Thierry  Rabotin

Master designer Thierry Rabotin stated his goal clearly: “to design shoes that envelope the foot, giving the sensation of walking barefoot.”  Through the years, he and his team developed unique shapes and melded hand-crafting with technological innovations and tools, all in the service of creating elegant, stylish and healthful foot envelopes! 


Though Thierry died in 2017, the creative and production teams continue to produce striking shoes carefully built to support the functions of standing and walking. Sourcing leather from the best tanneries in Italy and France, sourcing comfort through layers of poron and microrubbers, TR shoes even include a signature hypoallergenic nappa lining.


For a fascinating PDF about Thierry Rabotin Shoes, please contact us, but better yet, meet Joao Forte, our TR representative, who can match your feet to the right shoes and help you customize an order for Fall or Spring 2020.

  • Friday, Oct. 4th

  • Saturday, Oct. 5th

Cambio Trousers

“I need to replace my black pants,” a customer announced, “and when I find the ones I love, I’m going to buy two!” We all know why: great pants make life easier.


Cambio’s international reach and reputation rest on their blending innovation in production and styling with their commitment to designing pants we love for work, travel and play.  From sustainably produced denim to sport trousers, from workwear that ranges from understated to bold, you’ll find the pants that make getting dressed a pleasure. Sizes 32 - 46 (0 - 16)


During our week-long trunk show, browse our Fall stock, additional Fall 2019 samples, and key styles for Spring 2020. Try a variety of shapes in superior technical fabrics, and order with confidence in their consistent fit.  About your favorites, you may find yourself saying “two, please!”

  • Wednesday, September 25th thru

  • Tuesday, October 1st

Judith & Charles

We have the same job. Neither your closet nor the store is big enough to hold all the lovely pieces available from any one designer for F19, so we have to edit. To make your job as painful as mine, Judith & Charles provide samples for key styles beyond our store selection. 


The photos show each of the additional 25+ styles that are available for you to order. They range from full on tech suiting to tuxedos, from polished casual wear to tailored coats. Known throughout Canada as home base for professional women, Judith & Charles makes choosing difficult, but dressing easy. 


Meet Rachel, our Judith & Charles rep, Wednesday. Lunch and early cocktails. Samples in store through Friday at noon. 

  • Wednesday, August 28th

  • Thursday, August 29th

UNWIND: Summer Sips

As the days lengthen and, in theory, the workload lightens, join us for a monthly weekend-welcoming cocktail party.  Drop by and drop your business card in the bowl to be eligible to win a $250 store credit.


We’d love your input about the evening’s cocktail!  Each party we’ll offer a selection of 3, and invite you to vote when you receive the email notice.


Please stay tuned for more UNWIND events!

  • Thursday, August 29th 5 - 7 pm

Marie Saint Pierre/Shan Collaboration

Again? So Soon? Yes! 


These sensational collections are utterly worthy of your time – at least 90 minutes – and your trust: your order will arrive  at end of 2019/early 2020, guaranteeing that the world will not end anytime soon. 


The Shan Collaboration features sporty day-to-day gear that puts your LuLu on the shelf. Shan, one of the finest international swimwear design houses, creates easy dresses, skirts, tops, and bathing suits with signature MSP flourishes.


The MSP Early Spring collection offers sleek new silhouettes in jackets and dresses. A single plaid print serves as the focal point, offering an opportunity to update your MSP basics with a new trouser, tunic or blazer. Stretch organza and stretch silk make cocktail and formal dressing as pleasant as a tropical breeze.


Please email us to schedule your appointment.

  • Thursday, June 27th

  • Friday, June 28th

  • Saturday, June 29th

Renee's Readers

I know we’re not doing this this morning, but here it is!


Renee Bachner, licensed optician, noticed a niche at her business.  Her clients, both women and men, were open to premium quality, high style readers and sunglasses with fit, functionality, durability and the fashion quotient to create a client’s signature look.


Renee is happy to talk about her unique frames and the quality of the lenses and the coatings, manufactured to precise ophthalmic standards to ensure the clearest vision. Her gift, however, is helping people select the frames which flatter and the lens strength that meets their daily needs.


Whether you’re looking for glasses appropriate for a specialized use, like screen time, or a single pair that works both indoors and out, Renee has glasses for you!

  • Thursday, June 20th

  • Friday, June 21st

Thirty Years and Counting

On Black Friday in 1988, we opened our doors one block north of our current location. The tiny store featured carefully edited sportswear and accessories, aiming to please and dress Washington’s young professionals.


Through the years we’ve added shoes, designers and types of clothing, but each piece is still selected for its blend of style, practicality and beauty. Our customers are still Washington’s fabulous professionals – both those who live and work here, and those who pass through as they work around the globe.


It’s our honor and our pleasure to have you visit, shop and share this crucial part of your lives with us. Join us for a toast of thanks to you, a toast to the pure fun of shopping, and a toast to friendships born in dressing rooms. Of course we have a little extra on the agenda: Majestic and Pure Amici trunk shows Friday and Saturday, and a pleasing tease of menswear from both designers!

  • Friday, November 30th, 4 - 8pm

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