A full roster of trunk shows and designer personal appearances expands your access to fabulous items.

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Heyne Bogut: Live and in Person!

Entrance to Betsy Fisher during Karen’s and Paul’s visit requires an appointment: please call or email us soon!


If you’re just hearing about Heyne Bogut, know that their distinctive hand-dyed and printed patterns, total comfort, ease of care, and iron wear will make you a collector!


Established collectors, join us for our super selection of Fall 2020 tops, dresses, and jackets, and enjoy the chance to take home a few special pieces that Karen and Paul will bring. We’ll pack your goodies in a Heyne Bogut tote, an item developed over the summer, and debuting here!

Visit with Hilton Hollis this Thursday and Friday!

Join us 12 - 6  Thursday and 10 - 5  Friday. Visit with Hilton, choose a versatile, signature item or two, and exchange Covid Confinement stories. Hilton would love to hear what you’re looking to wear in 2021!


You are welcome to drop in, or if you’d prefer an appointment, please contact us and let us know what we can provide to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Trunk Show Preview: Pure Amici

With a focus on washable linen items in a range of luscious colors, Pure Amici summer sportswear delivers polished casual looks for every day, especially the hot ones!  We hope you’re inspired to drop in, set up a Zoom, or simply call to chat with one of us or Mike, the Chief Creative Force behind both  Pure Amici and David Cline. 

Note that we’re open until 7:00 pm this evening.  Mike will be in store Friday from 10 - 5, and would be happy to do early morning appointments, too! 

Pure Amici Trunk Show

Our Pure Amici Summer Trunk Show takes place this coming Thursday and Friday!

Mike Stevison joins us Thursday afternoon and all day Friday with an expansive selection of linen tops, pants, dresses, and sweaters. Mike has also arranged for new David Cline shirts and dresses - the prints are a surprise for all of us!


All Pure Amici and David Cline sportswear is washable and made in the US. Sizes range from XS - XL, and some styles are available in XXL. Prices range from $105 to $195.


Please join by appointment or simply drop in for fresh summer refreshments!

Iris Setlakwe Fall 20 Samples in Store

Fashion faces forward and insists on fundamentals: Fall will come and we’ll all want to wear a few new things.  


Iris Setlakwe’s vision for fall blends polish and comfort. Classic silhouettes in wrap dresses and tops come alive in vibrant hues.  Reach for a plaid print jacket and be delighted to discover it’s a light-weight knit.  Washable blouses and tops expand in-person and video presence. 


Pop in or call for an appointment. Life feels delightfully normal as you discover Iris Setlakwe gems for now and this Fall!

Projecting Yourself into September

It’s a challenge. You can’t be sure where you’ll be working from or how you’ll interact with colleagues and clients. But you do enjoy a measure of control knowing you’re well-dressed. Try Hilton Hollis’s dark chambray separates and compelling prints. Browse through the F20 Lookbook and make an appointment to order your favorites, today through Thursday.

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Guess Who’s Coming to DC?

Hilton Hollis!  Kicking off the summers season, Hilton and Rexton spend June 16 - 18 in-store by appointment.


Enjoy spring/summer steals at 40% off, and order an eye-catching look for Fall 2020. 

Please call to schedule time with Hilton and the BF gang! Looking forward to seeing you very much!  The appointments start at 1:00 pm on June 16th!

Doors Open June 8th

We’re so excited to see you! To meet concerns about health and safety:


  • Hours: M - SA  11 - 5

  • Shop by appointment June 8 - June 13

  • Masks will be worn by all

  • No more than 3 clients at a time

  • No more than 4 staff, including Guillermo

  • Hand washing and hand sanitizing available

  • Dressing rooms and counters cleaned after each use


Contact us for an appointment and please take advantage of  our SPRING CLEARANCE

Close(t) Encounters

My daughters consider foraging for a cool item in my closet a sport. We have a metarule: they can’t upset the natural disorder that makes it challenging.  But as much fun as we all have, I wonder if there’s a better way to deal with Getting Dressed.

If you’re wondering the same thing, pour a glass, and ask Jamie McClean of Ambitious Image and Kristin Shoop of Image Quotient, both Certified Professional Image Consultants, what they think of your closet shenanigans.


Join Zoom Meeting


  • Thursday, April 30th at 5 pm

U Dot Trunk Show

Your feet have earned these loafers. Made in the renowned Japanese shoemaking town, Akusaka, by designer Takumi Inomata, the soft leathers hold your foot comfortably and the natural rubber sole absorbs impact. 

Beyond the loafer, U Dot creates mules and lace-ups. Candy Herrington will be in-store to help you find the right style and size, and we’ll all chime in with opinions about color and finish. 

Each shoe is made one at a time in Japan, and it takes roughly three months from the day the order is placed to the day the shoe arrives in store. 

  • Friday, March 13th

  • Saturday, March 14th

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U Dot Trunk Show

Your feet have earned these loafers. Made in the renowned Japanese shoemaking city of Asakusa by designer Takumi Inomata, the soft leather holds your foot comfortably as the natural rubber sole absorbs impact. Each shoe is made one at a time, and it takes roughly three months from the day the order is placed for your unique pair to arrive. 


Beyond the loafer, U Dot creates mules and lace-ups. Candy Herrington will be in-store to help you find the right style and size, and we’ll all chime in with opinions about color and finish!

  • Friday, March 13th

  • Saturday, March 14th

Heyne Bogut

As soon as Paul and Karen catch their breath after presenting F/W 2020 to eager independent store buyers in NYC, they hit the road for one of their favorite weekends and ours: the Heyne Bogut Trunk Show. 

Join us Friday afternoon for a later lunch and stay through cocktails to meet or catch up with our Philadelphia based artist friends. Every visit features surprise fabrics, new prints, and the stories of their inspiration. 

Work with Karen and Paul to choose the color, shape, and fabric of your unique piece. Each dress, top, and jacket is cut, sewn, dyed and printed  - one at a time - in the Heyne Bogut studio.

These clothes are special, reflecting the enormous talent, creativity and passion to infuse every day living with art and artisanship. 

Sizes 0 - 5 (roughly xs - xxl), some customization available.

Prices $135 to $450.

  • Friday, February 21st

  • Saturday, February 22nd

Ally Pumps

Samantha Dong, heeler extraordinaire, joins us for a day of fitting Ally pumps to each of your cranky feet. 

Several clients tried Ally pumps in 2019, and the feedback has been positive from women who swore they’d never wear heels again and from those who had crushing long days that required polished presence and significant walking. 

Samantha worked with a podiatrist and a talented tech/comfort shoe designer to create flexible pumps that support the arch of your foot and properly cushion the balls of your feet and toes. Your feet fit securely, avoiding the painful forward slide because you are able to order the correct size and width for each foot. 

Choose your own color and material, and heal those heels!

  • Friday, January 24th