Betsy Fisher customers will have an experience similar to Betsy's when she shops fashion showrooms around the world.

Lighting highlights areas of interest

Built-in eclectic elements create mood and separate office space

Walls vary from raw brick to integrated display

Lighting highlights areas of interest

The Buyer’s Experience for a Retail Shopper

The wooing begins in a reception area just inside the entrance. Buyers/shoppers choose to explore alone or with assistance, with coffee or without. A variety of finishes, ceiling heights and lighting delineate specific kinds of merchandise and a path around the store.

Buyers decide at a table, but retail shoppers decide in dressing rooms. Lighting, air flow, mirrors and more make buying a $120 dress and a $1,200 jacket equally comfortable. 


Integrated warehouse, kitchen and photo studio areas invite buyers and shoppers into the operation, making clients into club members, much as a chef’s table does at a fine restaurant.